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About Us

Reif Rum is a distilled product of four entrepreneurial American generations. Yes, what we lack in Caribbean ancestry, we cover in business know-how and unexpected new endeavors.

our founders
David is the ambassador of all cool things, having owned top New York City restaurants, an apparel company, and — get ready —  a yoga studio! It makes sense to create a spirits brand now, right? Of course not, but good sense never was the origin of something unique and transformative.
Carol is a jack of all trades. She grew up working in her 40-year-old family fish business, where she cleaned and prepared more than 2,000 pounds of fish a DAY to ship them all over the country. Besides having extensive retail experience, Carol had her own restaurant — where she honed her skills in finding out what people want and how to satisfy their desires for good food/drink and a good time.
Kelly brings extensive retail experience to our company. She helped innovate and create multiple successful family businesses throughout her career and has also worked for some of the largest retail chains in the world, perfecting her skills in turning people into happy and satisfied customers.
why do you care about who we are and what we did?

Well, our experience shows how much we care about what people want and how much effort we are willing to make to give them what they need. We brought different backgrounds and married them together like our rum's exotic flavors. Now we are committed to making our next toast all about you.

From David, Kelly, and Carol
We have a unique way of doing things that makes our rum taste so good.
Play by your own rules.

The world is divided into people who follow trends, those who set them, and a small group of free spirits who break through. Insider tip: freedom tastes better.

Don’t take everything so seriously.

Our philosophy is: it is not worth it if you can’t laugh about it. After all, if we want you to have a good time with our rum, making it should be fun for us as well.

Refuse to settle down.

Life has much more to offer for those who are insatiable. More than a rum, we offer a companion that turns any situation into a spontaneous adventure.