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What is an Ambassador: a person who acts as a representative
or promotor of a specific activity or product

Why should you become a Reif Rum Ambassador?

You are already a loyal drinker of Reif Rum and
who knows our product better than you?

You believe in the quality of our rum and are a vital part of our
rum culture community.
So we want to thank you for doing what you are already doing - supporting and sharing Reif Rum!
A man with drink

Qualities & Traits of a good Ambassador:

  • Knowledge & appreciation of the cause.
  • Presence established both on & offline.
  • Leadership skills and ability to take charge.
  • Passion for the product/service as well as building and growing relationships.
  • Ability to gather attention and create followers that will also enjoy and believe in the product /service.
  • You believe in overall honesty, passion, and enjoyment for the cause.
You have already been referring
Reif Rum to some of your friends
because you love it!
Now as an Ambassador we ask you to take
“Sweet & Smoky , for the Wise & the Rebel”
one step further.
  • Reach out to your entire social media friends list, as well as their friends and ask them to like the Reif Rum Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok channels;
  • Ask your friends, family & friends of friends to order and try Reif Rum;
  • We will give you an exclusive “promo code” to give to your friends for a discount off their initial order;
  • Be creative and do your own form of promotion (Reif Rum must approve ) i.e.: live videos, photo shoots testimonials etc;
  • As you grow and introduce more & more people you will receive your own personal perks: *Reif Rum products, samples and promotional discounts plus gift cards and other prizes based on your referral volume;
  • You can even refer other potential Ambassadors to us from other areas that have become loyal drinkers of Reif Rum and have become part of the Reif Rum Community;
  • Talk to your local bars /restaurants and letting them know about the product and then following up with the sales team if there is interest;
  • Help train bartenders/waitstaff about Reif Rum and it’s cocktails and help develop new cocktails with bartenders that can be promoted along with the bar/bartender;
  • Promote and up sell the Reif Rum brands to accounts in your territory . Building relations with trade and securing back bar, menu and feature placements with clients;
  • You must be 21 years of age and older to apply and work as an ambassador.
Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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